Commercial & Residential

Our technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO). Having been tested and certified by the State of Texas, after completion of the course of instruction in pool health and safety, sanctioned by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Professional Pool Service

  • Add a-Empty All Baskets (skimmers and pumps)
  • Empty Cleaner and check proper operation
  • Blow Off Pool Area (leaves, dirt, debris etc)
  • Check and Balance Water Chemistry
  • Skim Pool (surface and floor)
  • Vacuum Pool (as needed)
  • Brush Pool Walls, Steps and Floor
  • Backwash Sand and D.E. Filters (as needed)
  • Deliver all required chemicals for proper sanitation
  • Safely Add Chemicals
  • Check All Equipment for proper operation
  • "Pool Service Notification and Data" left for Homeowners
  • Removal of Pool Debris away from site
  • Records of each visit, included check list and chemicals added etc.